Dear God

from by Ariel Joseph



Dear God, are you listening?
Dear God, do you hear the many voices?
Dear God, there's a million cries for help
Dear God, do we need to keep on praying
To the lord, by any name?
Dear God, please get to saving
Ourselves from this sensation
Dear God, are you even there?

Yes, I am here and I am listening
Yes, I exist in every action
I am the motion of helping another
I am the feeling of helping yourself
But I'm no genie in a bottle
So don't wait for me to come

Dear God, why do I feel so different?
Dear God, is it true we're all the same?
Dear God, are you the sum of everybody?
Every person's guilty conscience?
Every hope and every sin?
Dear God, can you answer me?

Yes, but only if you know the answer
And yes, we are all one being.
I am the sum of all existence
I am the stars, and so are you
We are all together darkness
We are all together light
We are all together the darkness
We are all together the light


from Anxious Joy, released July 22, 2016



all rights reserved


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